Terms Of Use

1. General

Any adjustment or changes to the reservation may result in a change in rate. Online rates and terms will not apply and cannot be used in conjunction with any local promotions, corporate, walk-in or contracted tour/travel rates. Promotional rates booked online are subject to certain additional terms and conditions as stated against that promotion. The Hirer of the car should be at least 21 years of age with a credit card and a valid driving license for at least one year. The Company does not guarantee make or model against any reservation. Should the specific car group/make/model not be available at the point of pick-up, the Company reserves the right to offer an alternate make/model within the same group. This booking confirmation advise will stand cancelled if the Hirer fails to pick-up their reserved vehicle from the Aroma office at the designated time on the booking. Driving is on the right side of the road. Reservations booked online will not be eligible for frequent flyer miles/points. All additional coverages and charges such as Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), traffic-parking or driving fines, Petrol and Re-fuling charges, Road-Tolls, Airport Parking, One-Way Drop Charge, Baby Seats, Deliveries and Collections charges will be extra. Vehicle should be returned with the same fuel level as given or refueling charge will apply. Our fuel charges would be higher than that of the market rate.

2. Credit card Information

A credit card is requested at the time of booking to guarantee the reservation however please note, no pre-authorization will be made at the point of booking. On commencement of rental, a signed credit card imprint will be taken and a pre-authorization will be processed in the amount of the estimated total charges at time of rental pick-up. The credit card and driving license must be in the name of the person reserving the car. Credit cards accepted are as follows: MasterCard, Visa, and Diners Club. All charges pertaining to the rental will be charged to the credit card including rental or additional day charges, optional insurance coverages (such as collision damage waiver and personal accident insurance), any traffic, driving or parking fines or violation including a 10% or AED 50 which ever is higher as service fee, road-toll, insurance excess, damage or repair costs, petrol, baby-seats, delivery and collection charges, one-way rates, airport parking or other charges posted at any later time pertaining to the rental agreement. These will be automatically charged to the credit card of the hirer. The Hirer irrevocably accepts to pay and settle all charges pertaining to the car hire to Bargain Car Rental (the Company) on or before return of the car. In the event of open ended monthly agreement from month to month, the Hirer agrees to settle the monthly charge at the expiry of every 30 days from the commencement date stipulated on the agreement, failing which the hirer authorizes the Company to debit the monthly charge on the credit card mentioned on the Rental Contract including all charges for any extension beyond the hire agreement due date, set out in the schedule of charges or till the time the vehicle is actually returned, whichever is later.

3. Driving License

The Hirer should have a valid original driving license in their own name from resident country for a minimum of period of 1 year. Passport holders from UK, USA, France, Belgium, Holland, South Korea, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Canada, Poland, Finland, Republic of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Turkey are allowed to rent a vehicle in the United Arab Emirates while on visit/transit/or tourist visa, based on their original driving licenses issued from the above countries. Visitors from Republic of Korea, Japan, Turkey and Greece are required to get an English translation of their license from their Embassy/or Consulate here in the United Arab Emirates prior to renting a vehicle. For Passport holders of all other countries it is mandatory that they must produce a valid International Driving License or a temporary driving permit from the nearest Traffic Department here in the United Arab Emirates prior to renting a vehicle. GCC nationals will be required to hold a valid GCC license (not less than one year old). For those who have a Resident Visa in UAE, a UAE driving license is a must (not less than one year old). All license requirements are as per UAE Laws in force and are subject to change.

4. Insurance Coverages

(a)Theft-Protection and third-party liability
Theft-Protection and third-party liability is included in rates. Hirers are advised that in the event of theft/ accident and /or damage to the rental car, they must obtain and produce a valid Police Report as per UAE law. All claims are subject to UAE court verdict.

(b)Collision or Loss Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW)
Collision or Loss Damage Waiver is an optional waiver of the renter's responsibility to pay for damages to or loss of use and any related costs and expenses resulting from any collision or damage to the rented vehicle. The waiver can be purchased at the commencement of the rental and will apply only when listed as an extra charge on the Vehicle Hire Agreement and when supported by a valid police report in the event of any damage or loss caused to the vehicle whilst it is used, operated or driven in conformity with the other terms of the Vehicle Hire Agreement. In the event of any accident or damage if Hirer does not produce an original Police report to Aroma Rent A Car, he/she will be responsible for all repair costs and damages including all third party costs. All insurance and Third Party Claims will stand void if not supported by a police report. Aroma Rent A Car recommends that on commencement of rental, the Hirer opts and pays for Collision Damage Waiver separately at the daily rates stipulated on the tariff card. Hirer's are being advised that as per UAE Laws, it is prohibitive to drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substance and therefore all costs including any third-party, resulting from a damage or accident due to the influence of alcohol, drugs, or intoxicating substance will be to the Hirer's account. In such instance, all insurances will stand void.

5. Insurance Excess/Deductible

The Hirer will be responsible to settle the Insurance Excess or deductible amount listed on the Vehicle Hire Agreement in the event of any damage or loss (including fire and theft) caused to the vehicle provided it is used, operated or driven in conformity with the Vehicle Hire Agreement. If the Hirer is at fault an excess charge of AED1500 for saloon cars, AED2500 for 4X4 and SUV. 20% of extra excess would be charged if the Hirer is less than 25 years old and holds less than one year old license. In the event of a total loss accident the Hirer would be liable to pay 20% of the value of the vehicle.

Certain contracted tour rates may include Collision or Loss Damage Waiver but the minimum deductible will apply as listed on the Vehicle Hire Agreement.

6. Accidents/Damages to the motor vehicle

In the event of any accident or damage, the Hirer should not remove the vehicle without informing the police and obtaining a police report. In the event of any accident or damage, the Hirer will be responsible to settle the Insurance Excess amount indicated on the Rental Contract provided a Police Report is submitted.

Failure to obtain a police report will render the Hirer responsible for all damages and repair costs including loss of use as insurance company will not compensate the Company without this report.

Unless inconsistent with the context hereof, the term "motor vehicle" shall mean the motor vehicle hereby hired and described over-leaf together with all accessories thereto.

7. The Hirer hereby acknowledges that the vehicle was delivered to him in good and roadworthy condition by the Company with air-conditioning working properly.

The Hirer hereby undertakes i) To use and maintain the vehicle and at the termination of the period of hire, return it to the Company in the same good and roadworthy order and condition, as when delivered to him.

ii) To keep sufficient water and oil in the vehicle.

iii) Whilst the vehicle is in his / her possession, to supply all petrol and oil necessary to keep the vehicle operational at his/her own cost and expense.

iv) The Hirer hereby undertakes to deliver the vehicle to the Company as and when the service of the vehicle is due as mentioned and informed by the company. The Company would duly complete all such services and a service vehicle would be provided during such service period.

v) To re-deliver the vehicle to the Company.

vi) To compensate the company for all losses including loss which the Company may suffer as a result of his failure to comply with his obligations in terms of this clause.

8. Should any mechanical fault occur to the vehicle itself during the hire period, the Hirer shall immediately deliver the vehicle to the Company for repairs. The Hirer acknowledges that he/she will bear the cost of any repair work done or put in hand by him without the prior consent of the Company.

9. Should the vehicle be damaged in any way whatsoever during the period of this agreement.

10. The company shall be entitled immediately to take possession of the vehicle and put in hand any necessary repair work without prejudice to any right which the Company may have against the Hirer for damages.

In such an event, the period of hire shall be deemed to continue and the Hirer shall be obliged to pay the Company the basic rental until the repairs have been completed.

11. If the damage arises out of any peril against which the vehicle is insured, the Hirer shall be responsible for the amount of such damage up to a maximum amount as mentioned on the Vehicle Hire Agreement provided, however, should compensation in respect of such damage not to be recoverable at law or should the company in its sole discretion decide that such compensation is not economically recoverable from any other person, the Hirer will be obliged to pay the Company the full amount of such compensation.

12. The Hirer shall indemnify the Company against all claims whatever and howsoever arising which may be made against the Company arising from the use of the vehicle or the manner of its driving while it is in the possession of the hirer in terms of this agreement.

The Hirer warrants and undertakes that:
- he/she is duly licensed to drive the vehicle with minimum one year experience.
- he/she will exhibit his license to the Company whenever the company so requires.
- The Hirer should not allow any other person to drive the vehicle without prior approval of the company.
- No person who is duly licensed thereto will drive the vehicle.
- Neither he/she nor any other person will use the vehicle for races, towing and competition of any sort or for the transport of merchandise or the transport of passengers for hire or in the course of business.
- No articles which might cause damage to the vehicle or its upholstery shall be transported in the vehicle.

13. The vehicle would not be used for transporting liquor, drugs or any other contraband items or any other item prohibited by law.

14. The Hirer will not during the period of the rental sub-let the vehicle nor gives up possession thereof.

15. The Hirer shall immediately advise the company of any fault in the vehicle or any accident in which it is involved or if the vehicle is stolen and shall further in such event complete such forms as may be required by the company and generally assist the company in any claim which the Company may make against its insurers arising out of any such accident or theft.

16. The Hirer warrants and represents all information given by him and statements made on the Vehicle Hire Agreement are true and correct and the Vehicle Hire Agreement is entered into upon the faith of such statements.

17. Should the Hirer commit any breach of any term of this Agreement or should any person during the period of hire use the vehicle in a manner which the Company considers prejudicial to its rights and interest therein, the Company will be entitled to cancel this agreement immediately and retake possession of the vehicle without prejudice to the rights of the company to claim the hire charges due in terms of this agreement and/or damages.

18. The Hirer hereby chooses domicillium citandi at executandi at this present residential address where all notices and processes may be served upon him.

19. The Hirer will be responsible for any loss and damage to the vehicle and any other third party loss or damage due to carrying / transporting contraband goods or any other prohibited items by law and for committing any illegal act / omission under the laws of U.A.E or the laws of any other countries, where the vehicle is used by the hire.

20. The Company will not be responsible for any of the Hirer's personal belongings left in the car.

21. The Hirer is liable for the value of the vehicle should it be stolen due to his negligence (not locking the vehicle, keeping key in the vehicle, etc.)

22. In the event of the Hirer failing to give the Airport Parking Ticket to the Company's Airport Office for parking the rented vehicle at Dubai Airport, the Hirer will be liable to settle all parking charges levied upon the Company by the relevant authority.

23. Our territory is limited provided within UAE only. Vehicles may be driven into Oman with prior purchase of Oman Insurance Cover note only from the Company. Driving to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen and Kuwait is strictly forbidden. All Hirers are recommended to discuss any out of country driving with the Company's Representative at the commencement of rental.

24. Interest @ 9% per annum will be payable by the Hirer on the amount under any bill remaining unpaid after 30 days.

25. Maximum running kilometers are limited to 250 km per day 1400 km per week, 2500 km per fortnight and 4500km per month. Extra kilometer will be chargeable @0.50 Dhs per km for saloon cars and @ AED 1 per km for SUV, Pickups and Buses.

26. I have authorized Bargain Car Rental to debit me for all traffic violation charges during the tenure of this contract @ 10% or AED 50/- whichever is higher against each fine.