Bargain Car Rental Services

At Bargain Car Rental, we have dedicated our time to your driving wants and needs. Whatever the occasion, be assured that there is a range of carefully tailored services for you to choose from.

  • • Daily and Weekly Rentals
  • • Short-Long Term Lease (1 month to 3 years)

Daily and Weekly Rentals

Select from our wide range of affordable vehicles and well provide you with fast, flexible options for your pocket and purpose. All our rental services are personalized and tailored depending on your exact needs, with special corporate rates, weekend packages and commercial vehicle rentals.

Short-Long Term Lease (1 month to 3 years)

Why commit to a lifetime with one vehicle when you can have the option of driving a different car every year If your needs are personal or corporate, you can take advantage of our short and long term lease options. Bargain Car Rental provides you with flexible and convenient possibilities:

• New cars
• Fixed monthly payment
• No yearly registration hassle
• Free maintenance and replacement vehicles
• No finance or hidden costs
• Commercial vehicle rental
• Dedicated lease coordinators
• Full comprehensive insurance
For more information about our long term lease and for your bookings please contact us